Little-known spots in the city

One of Taipei’s strengths are these spots – hidden gems – overlooked by travel guides that barely have information on them, or don’t include them at all.
In this sense, Taipei is an endless source of little gems lost in its alleyways, waiting to be discovered.

A movie theatre in the former U.S. ambassador’s residence in Taiwan, a cafe full of cats that keep you company while you have coffee, an antiques market hidden in an alleyway… these are only some examples of what you may find wandering through the city streets.

One of the world's most beautiful bookshops

VVG Something

One of the world’s most stunning book shops is hidden in an alleyway in Zhongxiao Dunhua.

VVG Something is a little book shop with a well-crafted selection of books, office supplies and drawings. The book shop has set a buzzing pace for businesses in the area, which many say is due to VVG Something’s careful attention to detail and lifestyle focus. Lose yourself in this book shop for hours, and forget the hustle and bustle of downtown Taipei.

A movie theater in the ambassador's house

Spot Taipei Film House


The former U.S. ambassador’s house in Taiwan has been restored and houses an independent movie theater and a charming cafe.

Renowned movie director Hou Hsiao-Hsien led the project to restore the former U.S. ambassador’s house in Taiwan, and turn it into a reference point for theatre lovers. Read more about the house’s history and how it was repurposed as a movie theater.


Minimal Café

A cafe in the streets of Shida, where cats are the boss and roam freely.

Cat cafes are where customers can spend time and play with cats as they enjoy a drink. Taipei is no stranger to the cat cafe trend, in fact it was one of the first cities where they opened. Minimal Cafe, in the Shida market, is the oldest cat cafe in the city.


Showacho Antique Market


Explore antique galleries where you can find everything from teapots to 50-year-old family photographs.

Yongkang Street, known for its restaurant and cafes, is also home to several art galleries and antique dealers. These galleries house several antique shops and are the perfect place to lose track of time and find authentic treasures salvaged from the past, such as Taiwanese vinyl records from the 60s, maps and photographs of the city, and all kinds of traditional Chinese and Japanese items.


Rixing Typography

The last traditional Chinese printmaker has his workshop in Taipei.

Hidden in an alleyway near Taipei Main Station, you’ll find the workshop of Mr. Chang, the last artisan in the country devoted to making the small copper pieces used in traditional Chinese printing houses. Mr. Chang welcomes all and explains the process to everyone who enters. The small stamps have become some of the most authentic souvenirs for those visiting Taipei.


These are only some of the spots that Taiwan offers travelers. Take an adventure to discover the more authentic and less known side of Taiwan.